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447 Bewertungen

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tibits - Heddon Street
12-14 Heddon Street, Mayfair
London W1B 4DA

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Black and White Chickpea Salad

Carrot Lox

Raw Pad Thai Vegetables



Plin Pasta con Piseli

Palak Paneer

Sweet Apricot and Cauliflower Dal

Herdsman Focaccia with Goats cheese

Black Paella




Carrot Halwa

Amond Sponge

Rhubarb crumble

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447 tibits - Heddon Street Bewertungen

447 Bewertungen
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Service & bedienung:Freundlich
Iva Gianna P.vor 9 Tagen · 1 Bewertung

Nice and delicous food. Good location and value of money. The only negative was, that some of the food was fairly cold. Other than that - amazing!

Rachel R.vor 15 Tagen · 1 Bewertung

Great tasty veggie food and loads of vegan options, dietary requirements are very well catered for. Nice vibe and very reasonable pricing. Great selection of drinks and cocktails too

Bo B.vor 20 Tagen · 8 Bewertungen

Vegan Tuesday and the food was really delicious! I highly recommend the mushroom pie and the sticky toffee pudding! The price you pay is very reasonable, just a shame though that they close at 10pm as we would've loved to have stayed longer! Be aware if you are eating laters some things may almost have run out....as was the case with the deserts. Only one negative sorry , suggest a plumber is called in for the toilets as there was a bad smell as you approached this area and in most of the toilets in the ladies seemed not to flush very well (feed back from others).

Margaret S.vor 24 Tagen · 1 Bewertung

The reservation was ready for us, at a lovely round table in the angle of the window. All the staff friendly 7 helpful, and the food great as usual. Full marks. margaret Stearn

Preety A.vor 2 Jahren · 2 Bewertungen

This a lovely light restaurant with a friendly and informal meal. The birch trees provide a talking point and some natural privacy. We thoroughly enjoyed the concept and enjoyed 90% of what we tried, which is a much better hit rate than many places, veggie included. Main comments for mgmt are - I was put off trying the lovely looking curry by the lack of anything to soak it up with - no rice, barley, quinoa, pasta? Naan wasn't appropriate for something so liquid, as it couldn't dam the plate from other food. Also - how about providing some bread, olive oil & balsamic vinegar? Could be a standard small plate separately priced, or free, like tibits

MaryClare S.vor 2 Jahren · 1 Bewertung

We held an anniversary party at tibits, with 24 guests, and the staff could not have been more helpful. We were seated downstairs, which was light and airy, and accessible by the lift for those who needed it. The food was fantastic, such a lot of choice, and variety, all so fresh and well presented. The price was very reasonable, all in all, we will gladly return to tibits!

Nick A.vor 9 Monaten · 1 Bewertung

I've eaten at Tibits many times and this visit did not disappoint. The food was a delicious as ever. What I really appreciate is the enormous variety of great dishes. I love the buffet system which mean you can pick your food and start eating almost as soon as you arrive - once you have chosen what you want, you take your plate to the counter to be weighed and you only pay for what you choose. So, there is no hanging around to be served or to pay afterwards and no arguing with your friends over who ate what. I also really appreciate that Tibits provides a water cooler and glasses so you can help yourself to water (although there are delicious juices, teas and other drinks on sale). Great deserts and coffees too. The last point - they never hassle you to leave so it is a great place for a relaxing lunch with friends.

Katharine F.vor einem Jahr · 1 Bewertung

Fantastic place. My second visit after my daughter brought me here the week before. Really like the way that the food is laid out for you to see what you are getting, and you can help yourself to get a full variety on a plate. None of us are vegetarians but we loved having something a bit different to what you would get in normal restaurants. Beautiful quiet backstreet, I could sit outside waiting for the others under patio heaters. Hard to believe this was a couple of minutes walk away from Oxford Circus! Staff were very helpful and friendly apart from one behind the bar who was completely lacking in charisma. With a reservation we were able to sit downstairs which meant it was quiet and had plenty of space - this was ideal for a family birthday get-together. We will come back

Amanda P.vor 7 Monaten · 3 Bewertungen

As a vegan I am really happy that this restaurant exists (and now there is a second branch) and I really like the food but I do have an issue with the pricing. It's a pay-by-weight restaurant so you fill your plate from the buffet and then take it to be weighed. In theory this isn't a bad concept - you might think twice about overloading your plate and then wasting food if you can't finish it all. But the problem is that I feel the food is really overpriced. I had a very reasonable plate, not piled up in any way, mostly salad and vegetables and I was charged £13.40 for it. There were no exotic expensive ingredients on my plate as far as I could tell so I really don't think the price was justified. I think the high prices will mean many people will visit once and not return and I think this is the biggest problem as it will discourage people from eating vegetarian or vegan food rather than encourage them. The decor is nice, there's not much service to speak of as it's help-yourself and you pay at the counter. The food itself was tasty. Not the most adventurous vegan food I've had but there were at least plenty of vegan options beside the vegetarian ones and even several vegan desserts, which is unusual. Good selection of beer and wine and cocktails too. All in all a pleasant experience and maybe nice on occasion but unjustifiably expensive for frequent visits.

Pat J.vor 2 Jahren · 2 Bewertungen

We want for my son's birthday as he has recently become a vegan. The food was delicious and there was a great choice and range which appealed to all the family. Only prob was having to carry heavily laden trays and glasses downstairs. If I'd known in advance I would have booked a table upstairs. On the other hand upstairs was a bit noisy when we arrived and downstairs was quieter so that was to our advantage. Staff were pleasant and I asked one if he could bring wine and glasses downstairs for us which he did most obligingly. I wonder if there could be some members of staff on hand to help senior members of the public or those with disabilities carry their trays downstairs. Didn't notice a lift but there may well have been one. If not could they please install one. Everything else very good and we would go again.

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